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The Carolina Silverbell tree, Halesia carolina, also known as Mountain Silverbell, Snowdrop tree, and Opossum Wood, is common and reaches its greatest size in the southern Appalachian Mountains where it is called Mountain Silverbell.This attractive shrub or small tree grows in moist soils along streams in the understory of hardwood forests.  Its fall color is chartreuse to yellow-brown, and it has a moderate growth rate and lives about 100 years!Place in full sun to partial shade with well drained soil. This deciduous tree has soft wood and it is close-grained and a favorite wood for crafts.It can be a very attractive tree and single or multi-trunked with low, ascending branching.  The seeds are eaten by squirrels and the flowers provide honey for bees.  The pendulous bell-shaped white flowers that appear in the spring, and the small size of this tree, make it desirable for landscaping!* Attractive* Fall color* Food for Wildlife 

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